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American engineer of Indian origin hopes to give Volvo Buses a run for their money one day

Sanyogita Bali is a relationship adviser and automobile enthusiast who loves to give analogies. My personal favorite analogy by Sanyogita is that a voluptuous woman with apparently high estrogen levels in her blood is as likely to be a good wife in all aspects as a car with a big engine that produces a huge amount of Horsepower and Torque is likely to be fun to drive.

Sanyogita is very fitness conscious and she eats nothing but meat, raw vegetables and fruits. Sanyogita has been on this diet for the past couple of years and she says that she has never looked any better or felt any better before.

Sanyogita also has a blog dedicated completely to the auto industry. Sanyogita says that the automobile companies should focus more on creating fun-to-drive commercial vehicles as the commercial drivers are the ones who stay inside a vehicle most of the time and they start to hate their life if the vehicle is extremely boring to drive. The only commercial vehicles that Sanyogita appreciates are the ones by the Volkswagen or Ford as they are extremely fun to drive but not as reliable as Toyota, but it all depends upon your priority, whether you choose peppiness and frugality over the low maintenance, durability, reliability and higher resale value.

Anyways, Sanyogita along with her engineer brother has been working on building small bore engines for the motorcycles that will be more revvy, more peppy and more frugal than their big bore counterparts.

Sanyogita’s brother believes in luck and he claims that since the day he started online gambling, he has been extremely lucky with and that’s the reason why he regularly reads gambling blogs like growing places and that’s the reason why he seldom loses an online bet. He is certain that he will one day make enough money with online betting to start his own luxury bus manufacturing company that will give the Scion and Volvo a run for their money.

Sridevi Ahuja is amazed at how far the Thailand, Ukraine and their online gambling industry has come in the recent times

Sridevi Ahuja loves to read astronautics and astronomy in her free time. Sridevi says that nobody should take the current astrophysics seriously as it cannot be considered reliable at all.

Sridevi is a businesswoman and owner of the most popular garden lopper factory in the state of Kansas. Earlier, Sridevi’s factory also used to produce fence panels. Sridevi is a business blogger as well and her blog is always full of interest business related posts and her observation about the business and industries from different parts of the world.

Sridevi says that Bangkok is now known more for its shipbuilding industry than its Thai massage which is a good thing for the economy of the Bangkok and Thailand as a whole as the revenues that the government of Thailand earn from the Thai massage trade are on a constant rise as well like they have been since the dawn of the Thai massage Parlours in Bangkok.

Sridevi says that the petroleum industry across the world is in a great danger of extinction and the Saudi Arabia and UAE charging their citizens Income Tax is the proof along with the world’s biggest oil refinery owner – Mukesh Ambani entering different other industries even after suffering losses each time is the proof.

Sridevi says that she is amazed that most countries that produce wheat also produce coffee even though they both have nothing to do with each other. She says that it is perhaps the nature’s way of telling that the nations that consume a lot of wheat need a lot of coffee to digest the same as well.

Sridevi is amazed to see the progress of the Ukraine as a steel and automobile manufacturer. Even though Ukraine is still far from becoming as good as the Germany when it comes to producing top-notch vehicles, Sridevi is fascinated by the durable, reliable and beautiful buses that the Lviv Bus Factory has been producing for the last 2 decades.

Sridevi is also amazed at how far the online gambling industry has come since its dawn, forget about the gambling websites, the standard of the online gambling blogs has reached unprecedented heights as well, take a look at femme de menage bordeaux for example.

Celibate for 7 years and online gambler for 7 months – Joseph Ramirez started a mattress company with the winning amount

Joseph Ramirez has been practicing absolute celibacy for the past 7 years because someone told him that only absolute celibacy can cure schizophrenia without any medicines with side-effects. Joseph says that along with curing schizophrenia, celibacy has provided him with uncountable benefits that far outweigh the cure of schizophrenia. Joseph says that he looks much better now, feels blissful all the time and also feels so strong that it feels to him like he can defeat an elephant with his bare hands. Joseph never took any sort of supplements, not even the protein ones and he only works out 5 days a week, 1 hour each day but he gets asked all the time everywhere whether he is participating in a championship.

Joseph is a student of chemistry but he has several differences with the local chemistry taught everywhere. Joseph says that no scientist or chemist is yet able to understand what is energy till date and none of the chemists has ever been able to understand what life and yet they call life is energy.

Joseph fears what’s gonna happen to the so-called abundant elements on the earth’s crust as nothing is going to be left due to the over-consumption of a species called human beings.

Joseph says that along with kinetic and potential energy, there is another sort of energy which the scientists haven’t been able to discover yet.

Joseph also says that god particle should be renamed to something else because there is no such thing as god and there cannot be one.

Joseph recently started a mattresses company with the money that he won with FIFA55 bets using the tips and tricks that he learnt from a gambling blog called

Waiter turned into an Industrialist with the FIFA55 Dollars

Winford Clement is the owner of a company that manufactures leaf blowers and vacuums but just about a couple of years ago, Mr Clement used to work as a waiter in a fine restaurant where he used to approach each and every gentleman and lady that he could asking if they have a job for him which is risky but pays a lot but he never got any success until one day he discovered the term FIFA55 through a gambling blog that goes by the name col2000. Winford started betting each night on FIFA55 after coming back to home from the work and here he is, a waiter turned industrialist just within a couple of years.

Winford has been advocating on the internet for a while that instead of transferring the property to the next generation, it must be given to the orphans. Winford’s advocacy has been receiving both negative and positive feedback since the beginning.

Winford likes to write on his popular conspiracy theory blog as a hobby whenever he has some spare time. Winford claims that the Talibanis are planning to disguise themselves as Sikhs, travel to Canada and make Canada a new home for their conspiracy. Winford says that the Talibanis feel that Afghanistan and Pakistan are no more safe for them and entering the western countries as Muslims is very hard nowadays.

Winford claims that there will be a great war between the Christian majority and Muslim majority countries in the African continent before 2025.

Winford has always been very critical of celibacy and he claims that celibacy used to be a sin in the Pre-Hinduism Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Winford has been actively writing against Donald Trump for quite a long. Winford says that Kim Jong-Un and Ali Khomenei are reliable but current American President – Donald Trump like every other American President is not.

SEO Agency owner keeps winning wherever she goes

Velta Atalar is a SEO agency owner who claims that contrary to the popular belief that Matt Cutts, the official spokesperson for Google is a search relevance expert or spam engineer is in reality a nobody who is good at communication. Velta claims that Matt Cutts along with Google as been making fool of the people by reading the scripts that Google Inc provides him to read. Velta says that if you do right the opposite of what Matt Cutts tells you to, you will end up ranking your website to the top.

Velta’s sister – Velma is a scientist who has been working on building a device that will be able to pass the best possible genetics to the progeny.

Velta recently participated in a debate where the topic was ‘India vs China’. Velta spoke in the favor of China, Velta spoke that India stands nowhere near China in terms of technology or engineering. She gave references to the Indian automobile companies including India’s Mahindra, Tata, Bajaj and Premier which don’t even have their own engines, their bodyframes and designs are either borrowed from other foreign manufacturers or designed by them. Velta also spoke about the Indian automobile company – Premier which currently only has one model – Rio which is Daihatsu’s Terios in disguise. Velta gave all her explanations as to why India’s auto industry is no match to that of the Republic of China and why it will never be on par with the auto industry of China. Velta gave great explanations as to why the Chinese are producing great international electronic gadgets companies like Lenova, Xiaomi, OnePlus whereas the Indians themselves don’t even know the names of their local brands like Micromax, iBall, HCL, Toshiba. Velta said that most top Indian electronic gadget brands are either about to become defunct or unfamiliar to the local people.

To your surprise, Velta won the debate and came out of the debate hall with great pride. Velta says that she is a born winner and she keeps winning bets online all the time as well, she recently discovered this wonderful and trusted DominoQQ agent online (agen dominoqq terpercaya) and hopes to add a few million to her fortune with its help.

India produces the best of potatoes but worst rest, FIFA55 is your best bet forget the rest

Ashlyn Appel says that copper, zinc and lead are some of the most overlooked and underrated chemical elements of the moment and the time is coming soon when these 3 will be some of the most precious and significant chemical elements.

Ashlyn is originally from Thailand but she lived in perhaps each of the countries located in Southeast Asia for quite a while and she has a lot to say about what she observed in each of these countries and what’s gonna happen soon enough in most of these countries.

Ashlyn says that the India’s parliamentary amendment bill is a complete joke, she says that this bill hasn’t been able to stop a single criminal from entering the parliament house of India. Ashlyn says that she has studied the Indian constitution, Indian politics and related stuff quite a lot and over 60% of the politicians in India have heinous criminal cases pending against them.

Ashlyn says that India’s Reliance Petroleum may the world’s largest oil refinery but it is not able to make as good petroleum products as its Japanese and North American counterparts.

Ashlyn claims that soon enough the Republic of China will take over India in terms of cotton textiles production.

The only thing that Ashlyn liked about India is its potatoes, Ashlyn says that the Indian potatoes taste the best and don’t make Ashlyn fart a lot or feel bloated afterwards like the potatoes of China or other countries do. Ashlyn says that India may not produce as much potatoes as the Republic of China but it produces the best quality of those.

Ashlyn has been investing all the money that she has been winning with FIFA55 in buying aluminium. Ashlyn believes that aluminium is the metal of the future and the only metal which Ashlyn believes will rise in price. Ashlyn is a regular reader of top gambling blogs like cittaslow seferihisar and attributes her gambling success to these blogs only.

Top NASA Scientist is addicted to FIFA55 betting

Ranveig Oberoi is the proud owner of a bus coach-building business. She says that the best coach-builders ever were Thrupp & Moborly of England.

Ranveig is a great believer in god and she claims that she talks to the god directly when she is all alone and in a meditative state. Ranveig says that the god told him that the god promised the humans that if they live righteously and keep evolving for the good, they will never run out of the resources required for their survival.

Ranveig’s one and only brother – Balder is a NASA scientist who claims that it was not the human beings who invented the agriculture but the aliens from another planet. Balder says that the human beings of the prehistoric times were never intelligent enough to invent something like agriculture and it is clearly not the work of the human beings that still looked more like the apes than the modern human beings.

Balder says that he knows a NASA scientist who is so much corrupt that he is planning to start his own oil refinery after he retires from his job at NASA. Balder says that there are several NASA scientists that are corrupt as hell but nobody whom he knows is corrupt as this gentleman.

Balder claims that the aliens destroyed the February 1, 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia and he has proofs of the same but the mainstream media won’t let him show those proofs.

Balder says that there will never be space hotels because the aliens won’t let it happen as they don’t want humans to enter their planets at any cost.

Balder wants to focus more on science than gambling but he cannot as the websites like FIFA55 gambling and gambling blogs like sport equipment standards keep him addicted with those huge winning amounts.

This professional and one of the highest paid childminders is a conspiracy theorist as well

Sania Matula is a professional childminder who is popular all over the internet for her conspiracy theories and her amazing online betting winning ratio. Sania recently won 15000 USD on one single bet with the help of tricks and tips that she learnt with the help of blogs like Omaha parents of multiples. Sania is one of the highest paid childminder in her country.

Sania says that one day she will buy a mansion with a huge statue of Aladdin in it.

Sania has interviewed several serial killers, she says all of them without any exception lacked discipline and self-control as children.

Sania’s ex-boyfriend was one of the most superior officers in one of the oldest and most prestigious newspapers of the country and that’s where she verified several of her conspiracy theories.

Sania claims that all the satellites will be destroyed by the Iblis because he has taken an oath long ago that he will never let the human beings progress.

Sania claims that there used to be a herb in the prehistoric times after taking which animals, birds, insects and human being could see god and air but that herb was completely destroyed because of over-consumption, drought, floods and many other factors.

Sania claims that the recent attack in the Pulwama district of India in the disputed territory of Kashmir was the work of Israel’s intelligence agency – Mossad. Sania says that Israel fears Pakistan because it is the sole nuclear power among the Islamic nations and that’s why it wants the Pakistan to be destroyed. Sania says that it doesn’t matter to Israel if its second most important ally after the United States – India itself gets destroyed or significantly weaken because of this war. Sania says that Israel has been making this plan for a long while but the previous ruling party – Indian National Congress (INC) wasn’t a puppet of Israel like the current one.

Indian-American psychiatrist started an X-Ray machine business with the money she won with FIFA55 bets

Dr Jessica Gilani (name changed) is a psychiatrist with specialty in PTSDs. Dr Gilani never had an idea that she will be able to fulfill her dream of starting an X-Ray machine business so soon as she has but her dream really became a reality so early with the help of top gambling tips and tricks blogs like Venice Foursquare Church and betting on FIFA55 after learning those tricks.

Dr Jessica Gilani has a sister who sells chastity cages and belts online. Her parents recently found out what her business is and they were really angry about it but somehow she managed to convince them. It is nothing less than a miracle for a traditional Indian parents to let their daughter sell something like chastity cages, it proves that Jessica’s sister has marvelous convincing and communication skills.

Dr Jessica Gilani says that the scientists must be given more luxurious labs. Jessica says that the scientists are taken for granted and are very undervalued although their contribution is perhaps the most in the building of the modern civilization. Dr Jessica challenges that if more than 5% of the random people that are asked to name a scientist that lived a luxurious life are able to come up with the name within less than 5 seconds, she will leave her practice.

Being a psychiatrist, Dr Jessica Gilani claims that petite women cheat lesser on their spouses and lie lesser as well. Dr Jessica Gilani also claims that watching pornography more than 1 hour a day leads to degeneracy over 85% of the times.

Dr Jessica Gilani’s husband – Solomon owns a company that manufactures rubber gloves, yoga mats and rubber pull reducers. Solomon says that he only recruits the ones at his company that reach first for the interview.

Lily Navratilova is a betting enthusiast who believes that communism is the best political system ever

Lily Navratilova (name changed) is a car enthusiast who claims that the Ford stopped making sedans not because it wants to focus more on making better trucks and SUVs but rather Ford is on a secret mission to become the best-ever American motorcycle manufacturer ever. Lily claims that an ex-boyfriend of her told her that Ford is working on making some of the most legendary motorcycles ever and all its top engineers are busy on this secret mission. He also told Lily that once Ford has achieved this mission of it to make the best American motorcycles ever, it will resort back to making the sedans again.

Lily believes that communism is the best-ever political system to exist. The first thing that Lily did after winning a huge amount with a Greek betting company (etairiess stoiximatos) was to buy a Volga car to show her support for the communism. She has been driving a Volga ever since and the second thing that she did was that she bought a solar energy products company because Lily believes that solar energy is the thing of the future.

Lily says that if given a second chance, Communism will prove itself to be the best sort of political system that ever existed. Lily says that the people of the communist countries weren’t ready for the communism in its first attempt and unfortunately because of being a rookie sort of a political system, it had stupid leaders like Joseph Stalin and others.

Lily doesn’t have much good things to say about the European cars and about the German cars in particular. Lily says that while an average Joe likes to call Skoda as the poor man’s Audi, Lily calls Audi the Volkswagen of an ignorant over-spender.